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Evolution of AeroPress Materials

Materials used in the AeroPress coffee maker

All of the AeroPress parts except the silicone seal are made of polypropylene. We made the change because tests indicated the polypropylene is more durable than copolyester. We regret the polypropylene is less transparent but feel the additional durability is more important. All materials used in the AeroPress are free of BPA and phthalates, are made in the USA, and are FDA and EU approved for use in contact with food.

A timeline diagram depicting how AeroPress materials and appearance have changed over time

Evolution of AeroPress

Versions 1 and 2

Oct 2005 – Jul 2009

Made of polycarbonate, a bluish-tinged material that contains BPA. When we learned about the health concerns associated with BPA, we had the polycarbonate tested. No BPA was leaching from the AeroPress into the brewed coffee.

Version 3

Aug 2009 – Aug 2010

Switched to a crystal clear BPA free copolyester in August 2009 to assure customers of a BPA free material.

Version 4

Sep 2010 – Dec 2013

Added a smoky grey tint.

Version 5

Jan 2014 – Jun 2014

Switched the color of the numbers from blue to gold and added the word “AeroPress”. Made it easier for consumers to tell a real AeroPress from a counterfeit.

Versions 6 and 7

Jul 2014 – Present

Switched materials to polypropylene and switched to beige lettering on the chamber (Version 6). Then switched to a gold foil lettering that adhered better to the polypropylene and decreased the amount of grey tint (Version 7).

What material do you use for the seal?

The seal is made of silicone. Silicones are rubber like materials that are primarily made of silicon and oxygen. They are frequently used in the manufacture of kitchen implements including those used for baking because of their non-toxicity and excellent durability including resistance to heat. Up until October of 2018 the AeroPress seal was made of a thermoplastic elastomer. Both the silicone and the thermoplastic elastomer are made in the USA and are FDA and EU approved for use in contact with food.

Does the AeroPress contain BPA or phthalates?

No. The AeroPress has always been free of phthalates and has been free of BPA  since August of 2009.

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