Fans around the world love to make AeroPress videos about their brew methods — many of which are quite different from our own recipe. We think that’s the beauty of the AeroPress: it’s a tool you can use in many ways to produce amazing coffee.

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Fan Videos

Piotr Mitros submitted this video to kick off April 2016. Thanks to Ali Mohammad, co-founder of Nuli Coffee, for reviewing this video for brewing technique, and James Donald, producer for edX, for review of videography. (Happy April Fool’s Day!)

Wanderlust Coffee Co. from Romania put together this how-to video with custom lettering.

Enjoy Coffee Circle’s humorous video of how MacGyver might use the AeroPress.

Watch Hungarian barista champion Tóth Sándor using the AeroPress coffee maker on this Hungarian game show. By 2013CreativeMovies.

James Mandy takes airplane coffee to the next level by using the AeroPress — on a tray table!

We enjoyed this funny video from Optimal Digital Marketing on making great coffee in the office.

The Public Studio shares their AeroPress coffee ritual.

Adam Lisagor at Sandwich Video put together this lovely AeroPress tribute.

Green Plantation Káva in Slovakia put together this delightful how-to guide to the AeroPress in comic book style.

Luc Comeau writes from Montreal, “Shot this today at -34 Celsius (-30 F). Thought you might like it. No matter the weather or location (I do about 200,000 miles/year), my AeroPress follows me.”

Johannes König is traveling the world with his AeroPress! Here, he prepares coffee on an organic farm in Sri Lanka. Looks like a lot of work, but there’s nothing like  a hot cup of coffee to start the day!

2016 U.S. AeroPress Champion Ben Jones shows us all how to AeroPress — amid the snowy splendor of Stevens Pass! By Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters and Ben Jones.

Championship Videos

Will of interviews 2012 World AeroPress Champion Charlene de Buysere.

Market Lane Coffee put together this great highlights reel from the 2013 Victorian AeroPress Championship.

Footage from the 2013 Irish AeroPress Championship. By Wojciech Hupert.

Highlights from the 2013 UK AeroPress Championship at the London Coffee Festival. By Reflexshop.

The party atmosphere of World AeroPress Championships has become well-known. For proof watch the 2013 World AeroPress Championship dance! By James Mandy.

Probador Colectiva & Soho House Istanbul proudly presented the 2015 Turkish AeroPress Championship at the Soho House Chancery building. Film by

Scenes from the 2015 Philippine AeroPress Championship hosted and organized by Yardstick Coffee. By Glen Charles Lopez.

Check out these highlights from the 2015 German AeroPress Championship which took place at The Barn in Berlin. By Maximilian Alexander.

Highlights from the 2015 Scottish AeroPress Championship. By Dear Green Coffee Roasters.

The 2015 Austrian AeroPress Championship was held at Ottakringer Brauerei. By Walther Pohl.

Ever wondered what the recipe for a great AeroPress competition is? Here’s your answer! By Tim Varney.

The energy and humor of competitors, judges, and spectators alike were on full display at the 2016 French AeroPress Championship held at Paname Brewing Company! By Karin Shibata of “Through the Fooding Glass”.

We loved this terrific video detailing the winning World AeroPress Championship recipe from 2016 Champion Filip Kucharczyk of Poland! Video courtesy of European Coffee Trip.