Coffee experts, the media, and everyday coffee drinkers all have great things to say about the AeroPress coffee maker. Read some of their reviews and stories below.

Reviews from Professionals and the Media

We were very excited to learn that Yasuhito Kobayashi of Ogawa Coffee Co. won the 2016 Japan Brewers Cup using an AeroPress coffee maker! Congratulations, Yasuhito Kobayashi!

Yasuhito Kobayashi of Ogawa Coffee Co.

Thank you for producing a coffee maker so terrific, even this old coffee know-it-all uses it on a daily basis. My hat's off to you.

Stephen Smalley, Jumpin' Jack's Coffee

Thus, the result with hardly any tinkering: Two very, very good mugs of coffee. I was able to taste qualities that I had mainly read about before, particularly on the floral, fruity, and sweet end of the spectrum. You've obviously made a fine discovery.

Jeffrey Steingarten, Vogue Food Editor

Thank you for leaving us an AeroPress. I’m sipping a delicious Americano as I go through my emails – you have saved me from servitude to the office brew cup and I will be forever grateful! The funny thing is, I made it with the same pre-ground coffee the drip stuff is made of (just to do a more direct comparison) and, well, there is no comparison – one has flavor, the other has bitterness.

Molly Watson, Sunset Magazine

We tested seven models and the $30 AeroPress beat out the $5,500 Jura Giga 5….Through alchemy and air pressure, you get a rich, bold, assertive, pure cup of coffee that’s also complex and clean. Sure, there’s no digital display or built-in grinder. But that $5,000 in your pocket will buy a whole lot of beans.

New York Daily News, April 21, 2013

This is now, bar none, my favorite brewing method.

Timothy Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Chef, The 4-Hour Workweek, and The 4-Hour Body

After two days of use, I am convinced that the AeroPress is the best thing to come along in a long time. Thank you for one awesome product!

Colin Newell, Editor/Creator,
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The AeroPress's method of brewing makes the flavors sing like no other coffee maker I've used.

Newsweek, November 24, 2013

The AeroPress may be the world's greatest single-cup coffee maker.

Bloomberg Businessweek, April 28-May 4, 2014

Good coffee is hard to find in most hotels, but hot water isn’t. That’s why I always travel with an AeroPress, a funny-looking coffee maker made out of rugged plastic that works like an over-size syringe….It makes fantastic coffee.

Oliver Strand, Bon Appétit, January 2012

The quality of the coffee it yields has to be tasted to be believed. I own every brewing device known to man and they have all been gathering dust since the AeroPress made its way into our house.

Kevin Knox, specialty coffee industry veteran and author of Coffee Basics

When used properly, AeroPress produces a remarkably good straight espresso-style coffee and an excellent American-style taller cup. In fact, it produces a better espresso-style coffee than many home machines that cost twenty or thirty times as much.

Kenneth Davids – Author of Coffee: A Guide to Buying, Brewing and Enjoying, Espresso: Ultimate Coffee, and Coffee Roasting: Romance and Revival, and Editor of

Bird Knows Best reviews the AeroPress as a great way to make camp coffee.

Bird Knows Best

There's nothing like delicious coffee in the great outdoors. Here, GuideYouOutdoors shows you how to make great coffee while camping with the AeroPress.


John at Adventurous Joe Coffee demonstrates the AeroPress at beautiful Acadia National Park in Maine.

Adventurous Joe Coffee

4-Hour Chef author Tim Ferriss brews coffee in the AeroPress for the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.

4-Hour Chef

Tiny House Giant Journey uses the AeroPress for delicious coffee in a small space.

Tiny House Giant Journey

Reviews from Coffee Lovers

Sometimes the AeroPress makes its way to places far beyond the usual home kitchen! Sgt. Andrew O'Malley wrote to us, "I just got done with a 2 week field op and I utilized the AeroPress almost every morning. I can honestly say this thing makes better coffee than most French presses I've used. The guys in my unit were lining up to get some. Needless to say, you're about to have a good number of sales coming in the next couple of days. Thanks for making such an excellent, mobile, and efficient product. I'll be using mine for every future field op."

Sgt. Andrew O'Malley

Joshua Clutter of Tucson, AZ, USA just got back from a trip climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. He sent us this great shot of his AeroPress on the mountain and shared, "It was an incredible adventure, made even better by delicious coffee to accompany me up the mountain. I wanted to send you a few photos and say thank you for the amazing product. I use it everyday at home and it is perfect for camping and trekking! Even if it were heavy it would be worth throwing in the backpack but it being so small and light is a bonus! Thank you and just wanted to let you know coffee was brewed on "The Roof of Africa" thanks to you!"

Joshua Clutter, Tucson, AZ, USA

Hello from the Balkans. I would like to introduce you to one of our MEDEVAC pilots CW2 Robbert Anderson. His favorite coffee is right now from PT's Coffee in Topeka Kansas. Rob's recipe today is a double espresso with 20 grams of PT's Flying Monkey espresso, rolling boiling water (200deg) to number 1 while stirring, add water to number 3, let set 20 seconds, press. This combo from the AeroPress makes a lovely rich coffee and brings out the chocolate, graham cracker and honey flavor with a smooth creamy finish and lingering aftertaste that is delicious. It would take a lot of practice to do this on my Vibiemme espresso machine back in the States.

Our AeroPress has all of the lettering worn off from use. Today we are about 10 filters from number 1000 in three months of use. With our AeroPress here the drip coffee pot has been pushed to the side and unplugged. Having used the AeroPress a few of our pilots and combat flight medics have ordered their own AeroPress to use in their room when not on 1st up. Thank you very much for your great customer service and a product that gives us the ability to make a fantastic cup of coffee.

CW4 Tim Graves, Camp Bondsteel

The AeroPress is my go-to gift for friends and family. I have used my own AeroPress 2-3 times every day for about five years. When I could not find the basket this morning, I immediately ordered an entirely new unit for same-day delivery (there is an Amazon delivery store just steps from my office.) When I was a kid, I remember losing Aerobie rings because they flew so darn far. I managed to enjoy my first AeroPress for a thousand uses before a careless toss ended its life. What value you provide! Keep up the good inventing!

Don Lubach, Santa Barbara, CA, USA

"The AeroPress is simple, durable, and produces an amazing brew. We love single-origin coffee, and the AeroPress allows us to taste the nuanced flavors of each origin with consistency and clarity."

Sean Reilly, Moustache Coffee Club
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Every guest that has had coffee at my camp site is impressed. And I have also used it to make 'maple coffee' in our family Maple Sugar House....pouring hot 195F sweet maple sap from the evaporator directly into the AeroPress with fresh ground coffee producing a delightful 'maple sweetened' brew! It became an instant hit and is now a required repeat event each time we boil our 100% Vermont Maple Syrup!

Art Remick, Sweet Stone Maple Farm, Hardwick, VT
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Had to write. I’d seen several ads and even a video for the AeroPress and had debated whether it was really a worthwhile purchase. It looked good on paper, so to speak, but would it perform? Oh God yes. I’m now brewing the best cup of joe I’ve ever had … consistently… every morning (noon, night). After brewing 5 cups with my AeroPress, I‘ve recouped my investment since that’s 5 trips to … I’ve avoided. I didn’t realize until after I had purchased the AeroPress and had logged on to your website that it was produced by Aerobie. Dang, if I had known that I wouldn’t have thought twice about buying it. I bought my first Aerobie over ten years ago and it’s still flying like it’s new!

Kevin Anderson, Memphis, TN, USA

It really is the best coffee maker I’ve ever owned. I was skeptical when I picked up the AeroPress from the Peppercorn in Boulder, Colorado, but now it’s the only coffee maker I use. My espresso machine has been relegated to milk frothing and my presses continue to gather dust. Thanks for creating such a wonderful coffee and espresso maker!

Robin Sam, Denver, CO, USA

It makes the absolute best cup of coffee I've tasted in my entire life.

Lewis Singer, Cooks Junction, Los Altos, CA, USA

I think this is the first ever product review I’ve ever done. But thank you for making a wonderful coffee maker! Not only does it make great coffee but the design is so elegant. Simplicity and functionality combined with user friendliness – Wow!

Debra Willson, Spangle, WA, USA

We are very happy with our AeroPress. And really amazed at how long a paper filter lasts. In one month we only threw one away! And even that was not necessary.

Hanne, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

You’ve outdone yourself with this machine! Outstanding piece of engineering. I just received mine, made a couple cups and proceeded to throw out my Bunn and French press. It's not often I buy anything that just works, works well and is exactly as it was advertised.

Jesse Raymond, South Bend, IN, USA

We have bought AeroPress for all of our adventurous coffee loving friends and family – one friend who has a thousands of dollars built-in espresso machine at her house did a blind taste test – and yep, you guessed it, the AeroPress won!

Amy Hamilton Lane, New York, NY, USA

I just bought an AeroPress and I’m extremely impressed with the coffee it produces, and also the incredible design and implementation. I would have to say your invention is nothing less than genius, especially considering the long history of coffee making.

Larry Berger, San Francisco, CA, USA

Many years and many coffee machines and processes have passed through my hands. I was skeptical having been disappointed far more often than rewarded by promises of better coffee. I am happy to find the AeroPress. Simple, easy to use and successful. I expected to need time to extricate the best from the AeroPress but the first potful was a total success – better than any coffee I have ever been able to produce: strong, aromatic and no bitterness. I am still astounded. Thank you.

Roy-Michel Bolduc, Los Angeles, CA, USA

I just wanted to let you know I recently purchased your AeroPress. My husband likes to drink strong Americanos and continually experiments with our coffee maker to get it just right. He loves the coffee produced by the AeroPress. It is rich and smooth, and less acidic. The portability factor is terrific too; we look forward to taking it with us on our next trip.

Jacqueline Greenwood, West Linn, OR, USA

Following the instructions to the letter, I get the best coffee I have ever tasted in my life. It’s so smooth and rich it’s almost like chocolate. I have become something of a coffee snob; I only ordered the AeroPress on the off-chance that it might produce something drinkable. Hats off to Alan Adler for doing the research and testing, I am thrilled with how exceptionally great this method is. I’ve been through espresso, French press, drip, Chemex cone, glass vacuum extraction, cold extraction, you name it. This is absolutely the best I have ever tasted. The equipment and the expert advice are an unbeatable combination. Thank you!

Jeff Jourard, Los Angeles, CA, USA

For the past year I have been using the French press method of brewing coffee. Only a few days ago I had blood work done and was told my LDL cholesterol had jumped 40 points! I did not realize the link between French press coffee and its effects on LDL. Your product is a godsend and I think it delivers a better tasting cup! More people should know about this link.

Rachel Pecoraro, Lincoln, RI, USA

I wanted to tell you the coffee I make in the AeroPress is the best coffee I have ever had. It never upsets my stomach. I notice flavors in coffee that I have not tasted before. It is amazing, quick, and convenient. It also makes a wonderful cappuccino. The coffee is so good that I now only use my single cup brewer for hot water to use in the AeroPress. Thanks for such an awesome product!

Cindy Mayes, Powell, TN, USA

I’ve often wondered why after thousands of years nobody has found a way to make a clean, pure cup of coffee by the basic press pot method. Your AeroPress is the greatest invention since the paperclip and the safety pin. It’s an elegantly simple contraption, simple to use, amazingly adaptable to different styles of coffee, and simple to maintain and cleanup-and all without great cost, initially or continuing.

Richard Tagett, San Francisco, CA, USA

We have a small home-based coffee roasting business and are beyond particular about our coffee – and we want you to know your amazing product has ruined us for any other method of making coffee!!! We’ve had our AeroPress for almost 2 years and use it at least once, if not multiple times a day – we sincerely cannot say enough about this product!!!

Terry & Kris Wallace, Ottawa, KS, USA

I can only say that I will NEVER go back to using an electric coffee maker (or French press) again. I’ve made regular coffee as well as espresso and both come out fantastic no matter where I am. The best thing about my AeroPress is the simple, quick cleanup. It’s portable so I can have coffee anywhere there’s hot water! Thanks so much for this fabulous invention!

Danielle Bryant, Los Angeles, CA, USA

This is the BEST option for anyone wanting an excellent cup of either just coffee or a latte. Thank you for the ease of operation, easy cleaning and the wonderful results....very smooth and clean taste with no residue at the bottom of the cup. Finally a product that works as advertised!

Barbara Ugie, Placerville, CA, USA

I have been drinking coffee for over 40 years, at home, in restaurants and coffee shops in Vienna, Paris, Rome, and Istanbul, to name a few. I have had coffee prepared by every method that I am aware of. My goal has always been to finally find a cup of coffee that tastes as good as it smells. I have just finished my third cup of AeroPress coffee. This is simply the finest coffee I have ever tasted. I do believe my quest is ended. Great product!

Randy Shadoe, San Jose, CA, USA

I have never tasted coffee as good as that made with the AeroPress. It has to be tasted to be believed. I would challenge anyone to produce a better cup of coffee. I have fallen in love with coffee all over again.

Kevin McCaughey, Northern Ireland

Like many a bean snob, I’ve owned a boatload of coffee gear in search of that perfect cup, trying to balance fuss against function. My verdict: The AeroPress is hands-down the most consistent way to make a truly great cup, and shows off the best that is in the beans. Amazing.

Brad Price, Portland, OR, USA

Finally, my search for the ultimate cup of coffee is over. Purchased your AeroPress, just used it for the first time, how simple and fast for the perfect cup of coffee. I buy different roasts and blends and am now capable of truly enjoying and tasting the flavors. Smoothest cup of coffee I have ever had. Can’t tell you how amazed I am with your product. Thank you from a coffee lover.

Brian Kedrick, West Middlesex, PA, USA

You are making the single finest coffee brewing system in the world. The AeroPress gives me the freedom to try a wide variety of coffees brewed exactly the way I like. I particularly enjoy making a good, strong espresso and adding hot water to taste for a perfect Americano.

Tom McGuire, Davenport, IA, USA

When I heard that the creator of the Aerobie had applied modern engineering principles to the coffee press like he did with the flying disc, I knew it was going to be something special. I was still blown away – it’s an absolutely fantastic product.

Paul Chapman, London, UK

The Aerobie AeroPress has been a critical part of our journey across the country. In order to support affordable housing in every capacity, the AeroPress enables us to get on the road quickly and start our daily cycling. Without it, the journey would be much different.

Lars Erickson, Bike and Build